Win Villas .com is NOT a Lottery, Sweepstake or Prize Draw; it is a Private Members Syndicated
Villa Purchasing Programme...

Win Villas is about everyone working together to Win a Villa for one of our syndicate members. Phase I is to purchase the first villa for the first of our lucky syndicate members. Everyone who purchases one or more syndicate tickets, at £20 each, automatically becomes a free syndicate member with a chance of getting the first dream villa allocated to them. There's no limit to the number of tickets that you can purchase and, the more you buy, the greater are your chances that the villa will be allocated to you.

During Phase I, besides purchasing tickets, people may also choose to register to become a syndicate promoter. To do so, they simply purchase one book of 10 tickets for £100. They can keep all ten tickets and hope that the villa is allocated to them, or they can sell on the tickets and make a healthy profit, or any combination of the two - i.e. sell six tickets and keep four.

The objective of Phase I is to build up the first syndicate group of 1,000 syndicate promoters. This may take a week, a month or a year... There's obviously no way initially to accurately predict this as it is entirely dependant upon the syndicate promoters and how hard they work at promoting the programme. We, of course, will be very actively promoting the programme and in the past have registered over 100 people in a week which shows what is possible. So, if people work hard enough, with a combined team effort, it should take no time at all.

People wishing to buy more than one ticket will soon see the advantages of becoming a syndicate promoter from this simple example:

Buy 4 tickets @ £20 each = £80 PLUS a free syndicate membership

Buy 1 book of 10 tickets = £100 PLUS a free syndicate promoter position

Once phase I is complete, and we have our first full syndicate, we can then move forward into Phase II. This is when things get even more exciting as with 1,000 active syndicate members we can allocate one dream villa every month! On the first of every month the syndicate promoters purchase their book of ten tickets. They then have until the last day of every month to sell them before the next villa is allocated or, as stated above, they can simply keep them all and hope that months villa is allocated to them. Once we have the first 1,000 syndicate promoters we will keep queuing the list of people wishing to be promoters and will add them in as soon as another promoter drops out. Once we reach 500 people in the queue we will then move into Phase III and open up the next monthly syndicate and so on.

One book of ten tickets gives you 1,000 to 1 chance that the villa is allocated to you. Compare this to the odds of the UK National Lottery which is a 14,000,000 to 1 chance of winning the jackpot and you can see how much greater chance you have.

This has to be the simplest and most powerful system ever devised and everyone will understand it instantly so they just have to decide whether or not they want to participate.

The chosen syndicate member in Phase I, and the syndicate member chosen monthly in Phase II, will be flown to Turkey for an all-expenses paid two week holiday to collect the keys to their new dream holiday home in the sun.

To see prime examples of properties currently on offer to our syndicate members - Click Here

Good luck and here's to your success...

The Win A Villa Dream Team

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The small print: The Tapu (title deeds to the property) in Turkey can take three to six months on average to transfer to a foreign owner but we will hold your hand and help you every step of the way. There is no cash alternative to the villa but you can make a very good income renting out property in Turkey or, if you don't want to keep the property for yourself, you can immediately put it on the market and we can help you find a buyer. We work with all the leading property developers and real estate agents in the Mugla region and know the markets very well. You can choose any villa up to the current market value of £100,000 you like, or one that costs more if you wish to pay the extra. We can even help you to buy the land and build your own dream holiday home in the sun, to your very own design specifications, and investing the £100,000 in this way will give you a dream holiday home worth even more! So there are plenty of options open to you and we are here to help you decide exactly which options are the very best ones for you.