Win Villas .com is NOT a Lottery, Sweepstake or Prize Draw; it is a Private Members Syndicated
Villa Purchasing Programme...

Win A Villa Terms & Conditions

Syndicate Membership is entirely voluntary, FREE, and there is no obligation whatsoever to do anything.

As a syndicate member, you then have the option to purchase as few, or as many, Win A Villa Syndicate tickets as you like for the current syndicate villa allocation programme.

All payments made are entirely voluntary and are non-refundable.

All payments made are made as 'Gifts' to another syndicate member i.e. the person who is allocated the current villa which is purchased from the gifts made by all the other syndicate members. By law, you can give up to £10,000 a year in gifts, tax free, so you can personally purchase up to 500 tickets a year. If you wanted to purchase more you could then use another family member's gift allowance.

There is no waranty whatsoever, neither expressed nor implied, as to the length of time that it will take to allocate each villa, as this is entirely dependant upon the number of participants in the programme, and how actively everyone promotes it. What is guaranteed is that the winner will be notified within 30 days of the 10,000th ticket being sold, and this information will also be announced on this website so be sure to keep checking back regularly to see if you are that very lucky person.

The winner will be flown out to Turkey for a two week, all-expenses paid, vacation in picturesque and sunny Dalyan, where they will be able to view the available properties, discuss all the different options open to them, and they will then be able to make a well educated and informed decision as to exactly which one they would like to choose.

Additionally, there will also be a similar, two weeks all-expenses paid, vacation for the Syndicate Promoter who sold the winning ticket, so be sure to keep complete and accurate records of everyone that you sell tickets to so that you don't miss out on this star prize.

It is the Syndicate Promotor's personal responsability to record the name, email address and telephone number of EVERY person that they sell tickets to. This should be written on the ticket counterfoil when tickets are sold and then the Syndicate Promoter can either login to their back-office and enter the details there or notify us by email and we will update the information in the syndicate member's database. Syndicate Promoters should do this as soon as they sell tickets to ensure that their entry to win the vacation prize. If the Syndicate Promoter who sold the winning ticket hadn't sent us the winners details or entered them into their back-office then they forfeit the vacation prize.

The winner's name and photographs will be featured on our website and in our promotional & advertising material. By joing as a Win A Villa Syndicate Member, or Syndicate Promoter, grants us permission to take photographs of them on their FREE all-expenses paid vacation and of the winner being presented with the keys to their new Dream Holiday Home in the Sun. The majority of people will be so happy to have won they will love the publicity, but we appreciate that there are some people who are adverse to publicity so if you are adverse to publicity please do not join the programme. Registering as a Win A Villa Syndicate Member, or as Syndicate Promoter, precludes your full, and autonomous, understanding and acceptance, off ALL our terms and conditions as setforth and laid out above.

To see prime examples of properties currently on offer to our syndicate members - Click Here

Good luck and here's to your success...

The Win A Villa Dream Team

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